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How to Grow Crystal Geodes

How to Grow Crystal Geodes with just 4 ingredients from your kitchen. Eggs, salt, food coloring, water, and a few days

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How To Make A Compass For Kids

OK you guys, I think I've fallen in love with another kids activity. These crystal stars are awesome! Any activity where I get to make something beautiful from bright rainbow colours, and I'm totally on board!

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How to Grow Crystals from Salt and Vinegar

How to Grow Crystals from Salt and Vinegar: Salt and vinegar crystals are non-toxic and easy to grow. You can color the crystals with food coloring if you wish.

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Crystal Seashells Borax Crystal Growing Science Experiment

these would be beautiful to create and set out in a bowl on a coffee table or put in a glass jar for the bathroom

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Cool Science Experiments: Growing Crystals

Easy Science Experiment for Kids. Growing Crystals on pipe cleaners...could make different shapes like crosses or hearts.

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Easy Crystal Growing Recipes

This project uses hot tap water, not boiling water, so it's safer for young crystal growers. Place the crystal solution in the refrigerator and get sparkly needle-like crystals within a few minutes to a few hours. It's that easy! 1/2 cup Epsom salt 1/2 cup hot tap water food coloring (optional) instructions here:

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