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from David Domoney

The 12 best vegetable crops to grow in containers

Grow your own food without an allotment! You can harvest significant crops by growing veg in containers. It’s the perfect choice for balcony and patio gardens, small gardens with limited space or rented homes where you can’t dig over the garden beds. Here are my top 12 veg varieties to try in containers. You’ll be amazed

from eatLocalGrown

How to Grow Your Own Lemon Tree From Seed

Even in northern climates and in the dead of winter, a productive lemon tree can be growing inside of your home or garage.


Spring is in full swing and you know what that means - it's time to plant your garden! Growing your own groceries is very rewarding and a lot of fun, but in order to make it worth your while, it's critical to know when to plant your seeds.

from DIY Crafty Projects

20 Must Save Gardening Tips

Want to grow your own vegetables and fruits, here is a few that will regrow.


30 Foods you can REGROW from the scraps, with instructions on how to grow each! A fantastic way to save on your grocery bill!


A handy vegetable planting calendar and useful guide to growing vegetables for beginners, perfect for those new to vegetable gardening & allotment holders!

from The Telegraph

How to grow chillies anywhere in Britain

Even in the coldest parts of the UK, it is possible to grow your own chillies and January to February is the perfect time for planting peppers.

from Joybilee Farm

70 Medicinal Herbs to Sneak into Your Organic Garden

By growing herbs yourself, in your own garden, you get the freshest, most potent medicinal herbs. These are thriving under the same stressors that you, yourself, are challenged with. When you buy dried herbs, even from local herb stores, they won’t be as active or as potent as the herbs that you harvest fresh and process yourself. But how do you fit medicinal herbs into your home garden plans? You don’t need hundreds of acres to grow enough medicinal herbs for your family’s wellness. Here’s…

from David Domoney

Veg Garden: How to grow your own onions

How to grow your own onions - they are such an easy home crop! Plant sets in spring and harvest tasty bulbs all summer.