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Beautiful art work merging concepts of God as the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5), Jesus the Light of the World, & dove representing Holy Spirit. THE LORD REIGNS! Whether some people- & nations- like it or not, Jehovah YHWH will in His Time do anything He the Creator of all things & people wants for JUSTICE, Holiness, Peace. #DdO:) - - POWER BEYOND US to control! Thank God: HE is far more loving & kind than any person ever. CREDIT…

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Lord is strong tower cross stitch pattern

Proverbs 18:10 #StrongTower #Proverbs #Scripture


Phase 1 , Letters and Sounds. I filled pairs of eggs with different objects (bells, oats, rice, sand, pennies etc.) the children had to find 2 eggs that had the same sound. Quite tricky, and really encouraged careful listening.


A great book to support the teaching of Phase One Phonics and general Speech and Language. With repetition, rhythm and rhyme the children quickly pick up the theme of the book and you will soon hear them retelling it or acting it out with their friends. This book is particularly good for listening to and making the animal sounds… “I think I hear a lion, Raa Raa Raa’.

from The Telegraph


BENGAL TIGER - Panthera tigris tigris. The strongest living land creatures on Earth, measured by their power to weight ratio. There are nine tiger subspecies; three of which are extinct while the other six are endangered due to hunting and the destruction of their habitats. A group of tigers is called a “streak” or an “ambush”. Photo: MARTIN HARVEY / GALLO IMAGES / CORBIS


Andean bear: "The Andean bear is important in Andean folklore and is called Ukukuin the native Quechua. Each group of native dancers at the festival has at least one Ukuku – a dancer in wool masks and shaggy tunics representing the bear. Although scores of different dance groups attend Qoyllur Rit’i, only the Ukuku accompanies nearly all groups and appears at no other festival." Peruvian Wildlife


**[FACTOID: A group of tigers is called an 'ambush' or 'streak.' OR a 'stripe' or a 'sure-kill.'


Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure group of a troubador with lion and bear -

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National Geographic photo of the day : after lunch, me and my family resting…

National Geographic photo of the day : after lunch, me and my family resting...