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Jaguar 175 lb crossbow camouflage effectiveness in shadow area of the pine straw and leaves on the ground from a distance, bolts of course show up, the Victory 20" Omni Nocked bolts.

The White Hart. The Wilton Diptych in the National Gallery takes its name from Wilton House, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, where it was housed between 1705 and 1929. On one of the exterior panels is a white hart, Richard II's badge. The antlers stand out from the gold ground through the effect of light and shadow created in pointillé. The hart lies in a grassy meadow strewn with flowers and mingled with rosemary thought to be in remembrance of Richard's first wife, Anne of Bohemia. Artist…


The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane. Wow, this thing is awesome. I wonder if it ever actually flew? Thanks to David Humby for answering the question yes it did fly all of 3 feet off the water