Groom wedding speech jokes

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Lead the audience in by saying some really lovely things about the bride, then you can make them giggle with a thinly veiled insult to the groom.

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The cake is in tiers joke is a classic and a good way to warm up a room. Just check the bride and groom haven’t instead opted for a single tier cake or a dessert buffet rather than a traditional tiered wedding cake, otherwise the joke will be on you!

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If your groom has been particularly nervy about what you might say then this joke implying the groom wrote your speech will go down well.

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Talking about how you researched your speech can remind guests that you aren’t a professional public speaker, whilst still being able to raise a laugh.

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There is plenty of time to insult the groom during your speech, but if you feel a bit nervous about your speech then this joke will be a good icebreaker.

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You’re stood in front of a room of people, so why not list off a few of your best traits to give yourself a little confidence boost!

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TMI!!! Sadly this joke continues to be one of the favourites amongst best men of Britain.

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Or why not go one further and combine your gentle insult to the groom with a shower of compliments for the bride.

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Embrace your title and add a touch of (funny) arrogance about being the BEST man – after all it was the groom that said it, not you.

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