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How Plastic Bags Are Hurting The Environment Infographic

How Plastic Bags Are Hurting Our Planet Infographic. Plastic Flow by The Invisible Spark is a great pinboard for sustainable plastic options. It is terrifying that we use so much oil just to make plastic bags! Oil isn't cheap so how are they? Surely tote bags could be made cheaper and more sustainable (and even be more fashionable, think Anya Hindmarch)


30-Day Healthy Slow Cooker Challenge

This 30-Day Healthy Slow Cooker Challenge has all of the resources that you need to make healthy and easy dinners each night -- including FREE recipes, meal plan, and shopping lists!


"These are all actual events.This is why I get so angry when guys tell me to just take a compliment. No. No. I do not have to accept that, no person has a right to invade my space to assert their dominance. Fuck that. I don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. I’m allowed to go to the grocery store, the subway, or walk down in the street without being accosted by some loser who feels so low that he has too dominate my space to try and make me feel small so they can feel big. Fuck you street harassment."


TN, just because I may appear normal is anything but. I'll try to wait for you to leave before I vomit due to the pain. Which I due most every morning trying to get in the shower. What a life. Eat 2 or 3 times a week. It's bad to look at food and get full, because you know your pain will be relentless for chewing.


Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

The ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Grocery Shopping from


Meal Planning Revisited - How to Build a Recipe Bank

The bullet journal of meal planning! Make a recipe bank on Post-It Notes so you don't have to look up recipes when making your grocery list. Saves so much time!