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Mosaic Photo self portraiture. Taking photos of your face at different angles, different closeness and then collating them in different places and repeating.

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How To: Don't Get Caught! How to Protect Your Hard Drives from Data Forensics

Using these systems is definitely much less time consuming for both for employees and employers. Time Clocks work just by the swipe of a card or the touch of a fingerprint or face scans and saves time for many people in an organisation.

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Occupying and connecting. Frei Otto. The image above by Otto supports his argument that human spontaneous networks of urbanity follow similar patterns to ones formed in nature through the structures of leaves, insect colonies or soap bubbles.

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How Grid Computing Works

Grid Computing Overview - How Grid Computing Works | HowStuffWorks

Poster: I really like the overlaid textures adding a weathered and retro feel. Salience is evident, with the grid composition highlighting the importance of certain elements.

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Bicycle Generator- setting this up now so my son can only use the iPad while pedaling!! Muhuhahaha

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