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Greyhound puppy. Awww! A baby blue brindle - I need this one.

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Italian Greyhound puppy!! OMGoodness is this cute!

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Absolutely adore Italian greyhounds, can't wait to get one next year

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Italian greyhound puppy eyes.. This breed of dog is the cutest thing ive ever seen More

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puppy snuggles! Just like me and mine! !

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Greyhound puppies

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Italian Greyhound Puppy QUInten loves this one!!!!

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Beautiful Greyhounds, Love! ❤️.............#hiphop #beats updated daily =>

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Our puppy will be an Italian Greyhound

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Adorable Italian Greyhound Puppies ♡ 》@nikiruti's. Check out the ears on the one in the middle :D

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