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Both research sheets of 'Explosions' and 'Weapons' lead me into looking at grenades. I thought grenades where also quite vintage as l today we have much more hi-tech equipment and weapons.

from io9

Elysium concept art shows the super unsanitary bioware of the future

Hi there! As a big Aaron Beck fan I thought it was time to put one of his concepts into I did some modifications and as usual I used this "project" as an exercise. Predominantly I prefer direct...


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can make an epic smoke grenade from nothing more then a book of matches and a ton of crap you can find around the house. This tutorial is very easy and if you do it right it should only take you about 15 – 20 … Continue reading »


The M79 and XM148 grenade launchers were single-shot, and the repeating T148E1 grenade launcher was unreliable, so a request was made to China Lake engineers. SEAL Teams were pleased with the resultant pump-action grenade launcher, since the tubular magazine held three 40x46mm grenades, and so with one grenade in the chamber, four grenades could be fired rapidly before reloading. In fact, a skilled operator could fire four aimed shots before the first one landed.