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Greg Laurie Sermons

Pastor Greg Laurie "Harvest Christian Fellowship" Such an awesome quote. "Bitterness is an acid that destroys its own container". So true

I am becoming ever more convinced that God is concerned with my faithfulness to Him, not my success, even in ministering for Him!


Summer hear at last. Dust down the deck chair, arm yourself with a good book and just REFUSE to go inside!

Greg Laurie Sermons 2016 | Death Died When Christ Rose!

"Remember that WE GRIEVE HIM MOST when WE WILL NOT LET HIM POUR HIS LOVE upon us, but turn a sullen, unresponsive unbelief towards His pleading grace..." ~ Alexander MacLaren


Greg Laurie Sermons 2016– “It Is Finished-Answering Difficult Questions ...

Greg Laurie Sermons 2016 | Happiness | What It Is and How to Experience It

Greg Laurie Sermons 2016 | Can We Have Revival in Our Time

Greg Laurie Sermons 2016 | A Hellfire and Brimstone Message