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from Martha Stewart

Avocado-Spinach Smoothie

Get your St. Patrick's Day off to a lucky (and healthy) start with a Green Machine smoothie. It gets its natural green hue from spinach, avocado, and a Granny Smith apple.

from Martha Stewart

Green Machine Smoothie

Detox Cred: Starting the day with this nutrient-dense elixir is a delicious way to charge your system with nutrients. Dark leafy greens are extremely alkalizing, meaning they foster a more neutral body environment for better functioning enzymes, compared with acid-forming foods like meats and dairy.

from Ma Nouvelle Mode

Homemade Green Machine Smoothie

homemade green machine smoothie: One kiwi One banana One pear/apple Half avocado Cup of spinach or kale slices of pineapple Carrot juice (or some kind of non sugary juice)