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Green Everyday Crockery Sets

blue & white stripe ~ cornishware ~ our friends in cornwall looked high and low to bring me a piece of cornish ware

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It is hard to believe that these ever so collectible pieces were often given away in cereal or soap or given as a come on to entice viewers to theaters or other special events. Beautiful to look at and a bargain to use as everyday dishes or to set a fine table.

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Lovely Links - Things I Want to Buy

Fiestawear - I love these and they have a new flamingo color. Red, Orange, Purple are all in my house.

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Подробные сведения о nuloom винтажный сногсшибательные карнавальный перекрашенный вышивальный Вайолет ковровая дорожка (2' 8 x 8 футов)- показать заголовок оригинала

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