An almost, sort of complete Greek God family tree. (Though there are wayyyy too many of them...)

Syrena - A draconian snake goddess who protects the River Wisla and the Polish city of Krakow. -----javier.pinon

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The Hippocampus is a glamourous animal of the ocean. They were the pets of the sea and horse god, Poseidon and would draw his chariot across the sea. They have the upper-half of a horse and the lower-half of a fish or dolphin. They love being out at sea and are fairly strong creatures with lots of stamina. They are devotional to their god and like to spend time with their fellow Hippocampi.

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Athene receives the head of Medousa from Perseus. The hero is depicted as a young man, wearing the winged boots of Hermes and the cap of darkness on his head. Athene holds the Gorgoneion (Gorgon head) by its snaky locks, its image reflecting in the mirror of the shield. ca 400 - 385 BC

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Mythology + Religion: An Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree | #Mythology #GreekMythology

Mythology + Religion: An Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree | #Mythology #GreekMythology

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Greek gods family tree with Olympians, Titans and Primordial deities. Illustrated with pictures of the gods.

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