Ancient Greek helmets and weapons. I enjoyed this image because it gave me an idea of what their battle attire looked like.

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A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

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Armadura griega, casco corintio antiguo, escultura del Metal, Grecia antigua armadura casco, casco Larp, Cosplay casco, Grecia Аntique Аrmor

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Macedonian Helmet Height: 0.25 m Weight: 11 kg With griffin crest Ancient Greek life size helmet from Macedonia of Alexander the Great. It was made of Bronze circa 330 BC.

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Helmets of the types found in Thrace, shown in chronological order, from Peter Connolly's Greece and Rome at War. The Chalcidian type is on the left, and the Corinthian type on the right, becoming the Attic and Thracian types at the bottom.

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ancient greek artifacts | Replica of an Ancient Greek Helmet in the Plaka, Athens, Greece ...

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