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Greater Roadrunner, taxonomically classified as Geococcyx californianus, meaning "Californian Earth-cuckoo," is a long-legged bird in the cuckoo family, Cuculidae.


A Male Greater Roadrunner. "Looking for His Next Meal..." (Photo By: Kathryn Mann.)


Greater Roadrunner by Rick and Nora Bowers/VIREO. New Mexico State bird.


Roadrunner from Birds of New Mexico..most often photographed with a 'snack' in their bill

Greater Roadrunner By Alan Murphy - the other thing the cartoon didn't teach me is when a Roadrunner catches its live prey, it beats the snot out of it against a rock or the ground itself to subdue it if not out right kill it!


Arizona Road Runner. #nature, #birds, #places


Greater Roadrunner - New Mexico's state bird. We use to have them run up and down the roof of our house in NM catching lizards.


Roadrunner......My father loved the Roadrunners they had when they were Snowbirds in Arizona.

from Etsy

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Bird Photography Greater Roadrunner photo by SightToSoul on Etsy