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gravi-teamfalls: probertson: Next Gravity Falls episode, watch it! Rumble McSkirmish’s father isn’t really dead and in need of avenging- he’s master pixel artist Paul Robertson! Paul lent his talents to the next GF episode, Soos & the Real Girl, premiering September 22nd!


Rebel Falls AU! This AU is my thoughts about how season 2 of Gravity Falls could end. After episode 7 of season 2, a little town is getting crazy. Society of the Blind Eye is now closed, and no one can erase memories about paranormal stuff. And Stan’s portal began to produce dark energy, helping creatures of GF to be more dangerous. <-- interesting, then that could lead to Monster Falls :)


[Gravity Falls] This Journal Taught Me by shujuju on DeviantArt >>>> who gave you the right >>>> THE FEELS


(Uk) The new season starts on Thursday 10th September on Disney XD at 5pm........