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My angels are always ahead of me I have found feathers and many other things that remind me,my son Aaron is right next to me.........bless, him❤️


Grandparents Rights. Every divorce parent needs to realize the damage they can do to a child, by not letting them be a part of their grandparent's lives

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What Is the State of Grandparents' Rights in Your State?

Grandparent's Visitation Rights: How You Stand in Your State: Grandparents' rights are determined by the laws of your grandchild's home state.

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The Minutiae of Motherhood

You have the right to mess up your own life, but you don't have the right to mess up a child's life

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'Another London' photography exhibition at Tate Britain, London

Commenting on his photography 4 the Black Panther Movement in the UK, photographer Neil Kenlock recalls “Pple were calling us all sorts of names in the streets & painting graffiti everywhere. In school, there was no black history...If you asked the teachers where black people came from, they would say: ‘Somewhere in Africa, up a tree,’ & that’s it. So w/ the Black Panther movement we had educational classes, public meeting & lectures."