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25 Ways to Make Grading Less Painful: . Make them self- and peer-assess first. 2. Organize it immediately. 3. Do 10% the first night you take it home. 4. Start with one you're excited to see. 5. Take them out of alpha order so you don't obsess over which one you're "on" 6. Or stack them up, such as in fives or tens, if you need to be able to visualize progress 7. Use the right stuff. 8. Have a drink. I mean water. 9. Get comfortable. ...


Personalized teacher grading self inking stamp, teacher gift present, homework self inking stamp, customized teacher grading stamp

Customized teacher stamp for grading papers, made to order. Make life a bit easier for your favorite teacher, or if you are a teacher, hey, why

Teacher Tip: Paperwork, Grading, Organization

Do you feel like your stacks of papers keep growing? Paperwork can add stress to an already stressful job. Just like you have a system for your discipline, you need a system for managing your paperwork.

Paper Plate Addition Game

Make a simple DIY paper plate addition game to help your child practice their addition and even subtraction skills


This grade book paper for teachers has room to write in assignments and record grades for up to 32 students for four weeks. It is oriented vertically. Free to download and print!