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Chanel boy bag!!! black chevron against a painted wall, rainbow graffiti wall east london shoreditch, hands in frame. The classic Chanel handbag (the 2.55) is beautiful but it's super heavy to carry around all day. The Chanel boy bag is much lighter to carry and it has more of a rock n roll, edgy feel to it


Boyarde on Goyard ~ "British painter Boyarde Messenger is now affixing her personal aesthetic onto the sides of very expensive handbags, like this version by Goyard."


High Street To High End Pouches

In case you missed the memo, pouches are big news for AW, with the dainty bags looking even chicer when tucked under a fur adorned arm or a grey masculine coat.


Goyard Artois. It has a zip top and leather edges which will protect the canvas from wearing out too much. Measuring 30cm x 24cm, the structured bag is a great alternative to the open Saint Louis. It currently comes in classic black with black, black with gold or the special colour grey. - (Musings of a Goyard Enthusiast)