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Thank You, Governor Martinez! | FreedomWorks, Civil Asset Forfeiture

The Gathering of Nations isn’t going anywhere – it’s staying right here in Albuquerque,” Governor Martinez said. “I’m pleased that our state will continue to host this event, which will now have its home at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. The Gathering of Nations is part of what it means to be New Mexico True, and I’m grateful that we will continue to showcase the best our state has to offer – both to the rest of the country and the world. (April 27, 28, 29, 2017)


New Mexico Governor Martinez Accused of "Wholesale Disregard of the Law" | Truthout | No huge surprise. After all, she is a right-wing teapublican and is little more than a lobbyist for big oil and gas, the copper and dairy industries, and other environmentally destructive industries that decide to set up shop in New Mexico. Click to read and share this great article.

The Governor, Martinez, Pete, and Mitch Find A Cabin | TWD S4E7 “Dead Weight”: The Governor, Martinez, Pete, and Mitch are walking through the woods looking for an old cabin which may have supplies. They find the cabin after following a trail of beheaded bodies......Seavy St. and GA-85 Senoia, GA