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Benazir Bhutto “The government I led gave ordinary people peace, security, dignity and opportunity to progress.” The first woman elected to lead a Muslim state and twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. Bhutto fought for freedom, democracy and equality until her assassination in 2007.

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Vintage Pakistan 1 Rupia banknote.Government of Pakistan, the star and crescent..FDS. Not Circulated. Art.8760. cm. 9,5x6.For collectors

Ten Tips for Your First Trip to China

China is a fascinating country, with centuries of rich history and culture. But it can be quite the culture shock on your first trip! Sometime during your visit, you’ll have to deal with smog, chopsticks, and government bureaucracy. Just stay informed and be prepared, and you’ll have a stress-free vacation.

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Imperial Airways Limited was formed by the British government on 31 March 1924, after a government report recommended that Britain's interests in commercial air transport would be best served by merging the larger existing aircraft companies. The four companies concerned were Handley Page Transport, the Instone Airline, Daimler Airway and British Marine Air Navigation, all four of which had struggled to operate at a profit.

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(x) Government of India (Government of Pakistan), 1 rupee, Government of Pakistan overprint, ND (1948), serial number, Q/79 105745, blue-grey, 2 rupees, Government of Pakistan overprint, ND (1948), serial number G/58 760057, lilac

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When there are so many funding problems at home, why is Britain giving hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money to Pakistan, a nation which not only has its own space programme & nuclear weapons, but also is made up largely of people of the Religion of Peace, who want to export their supremacist beliefs? Why did Pritti Patel say she was going to stop all the wasteful foreign aid and then start doing the exact opposite? We have to change the government.

An ancient stone sculpture of Buddha’s footprints that was smuggled into the United States and had been expected to sell for more than US$1 million was returned to the government of Pakistan on Wednesday. The piece, called a Buddhapada, was taken from a Pakistani region rich in Buddhist history decades ago. It’s an ancient piece that speaks to the history and culture of Pakistan that should be celebrated and protected.

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10 Rupees Banknote from United India, used in Pakistan with Government of Pakistan Stamp

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