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Street orphans, Victorian London. Photo from G.F.A. Best's ''Shaftesbury''. UK's government is reducing the standard of living by dismantling the Health Service, reducing/removing Benefits, selling off National assets, and taxing workers to pay more for far less. The fittest will survive, but going backwards isn't progress, and contradicts the concept of civilized society. Those implementing such deprivation are protected by their social and economic position from any ill effects to…

The serpent is a sign of the Healer, High Priestess, Shamaness, and Visionary. Snake power is a radical power, both dangerous and transformative. The Crone Goddess, rules menopause, “a powerful time of self-creation and self-government that could produce visions and create magic.” For a woman to use her will and creativity for her own benefit is frightening for some men. (Ellis) By Joyce Tenneson.

AND HERE'S A REPORT ON THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY NOW THAT OBAMA IS STILL IN OFFICE (SO HE MIGHT NOT BE DONE DESTROYING IT), BUT HE'S ONLY A LAME DUCK: "If Socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists." Friedrich Von Hayek, Nobel Prize Economics