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Gossip In The Bible

from The Barrow Boy

Pie, mash and liquor

Eel, Pie and Mash. Eel, pie and mash houses are bits of living history and are very much a London invention. The houses were a Victorian creation, though sellers had had stalls since the eighteenth century. Eels were very cheap and just swimming about in the River Thames.


Funny how people go to church every Sunday and say they are "good Christians". The tongue, is avery mean instrument of destruction!


Don't forget to pray! God loves talking to you:) #jcluforever


Bible Quotes About Gossip - Bing Images


"You should know this... that in the last days there will be very difficult times..." ~2 Timothy 3 #Bible #EndTimes #prophecy


The Telephone Game - - - - Some people don’t grow out of the telephone game. Instead, they take the telephone game to a whole new level. It’s called gossip.In Proverbs 16:28, the Bible says "A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends." And that makes sense, right? If you found out your BFF was telling other people your personal business, you’d be upset. For good reason!But if gossip is so hurtful, why do people do it? And why do others listen?

from Becoming His Crown

How to Find Joy in Keeping Your Family Organized

You know that person that you find yourself rolling your eyes at, always frustrated with, and possibly gossiping about? We all have those people in our lives, but it's time to tap into the kindness of the Lord and LOVE THEM. 💕 ( 📷 @p31obs )

from daughter by design

What defines you?

Holy Father, remind me daily of just how much I am worth to You. To not put my worth & value in what others think, say/gossip & in what has happened in my past. Nor let me put my worth & value in MY OWN opinion & perspective of myself as I AM my own BIGGEST critic. Let not the lies of the enemy mask my heart & mind from Your Truth, unfailing love, mercies, & ultimately..from Your Word & from You. For You have already proven my worth through dying on the cross for me.

from Valerie Wieners Art

Bible Journaling: What I've Learned and what I use...

For more than comparing, judging, fighting, gossiping, wishing you were someone…