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Gorilla Life Expectancy

from The Independent

Zoos have a problem with their geriatric animals

Zoos filling up with geriatric animals as medical advances extend life expectancy


Courtesy of the Columbus Zoo Western Lowland Gorillas — Average Life Span 50 Years. A Western Lowland Gorilla’s life expectancy is approximately 50 years, which is commendable. At age 55, a gorilla named Colo is the oldest gorilla living in captivity. Colo's other claim to fame is that she was the first gorilla born in captivity. The popular gorilla was born at the Columbus Zoo in 1956 and has been there ever since.

Photo dated 14 September 2003 shows 40-year-old Copo de Niebe (Snowflake), the only albino gorilla in the Barcelona zoo, Spain. Zoo specialists said that the gorilla was suffering from leather cancer and that his life expectancy is of about three months. (Photo by Cesar Rangel, AFP/Getty Images) via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more: