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from Mail Online

Donald Trump denies his father was arrested after 1927 KKK brawl

He also denies he has the intelligence of a turnip but let us address one failing attribute at a time.

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What the Hell Happened to American Politics?

from Entertainment

Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates


from the Guardian

Carly Fiorina's use of anti-abortion video is 'totally irresponsible', experts say

Fundraising video from group supporting GOP presidential candidate uses images and videos spliced from unrelated events, one of which depicts a miscarriage not an abortion

from Mail Online

I'm not 'thin-skinned' says Trump, and I'm not petty

The GOP presidential candidate known for his stinging take downs of his opponents and critics told O'Reilly 'people go after me' and insisted that he doesn't like having to be mean to fellow competitors like Jeb Bush

I'm a Sexual Assault Survivor, And Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign Has Traumatized Me All Over Again -