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from Mail Online

MAX HASTINGS: Appalling truth is that Trump IS as stupid as he seems

Some where I read that Donald Trump is not as stupid as he seems. I can't imagine he could be that stupid.

from BBC News

Donald Trump 'would drop the atom bomb' says supporter

Donald Trump is as stable as ice cream on a hot day.

from The Independent

America: Too many guns, too little will to change

Another republican nightmare where more guns makes us safer, tax cuts for the rich makes the poor better off and eliminating women's rights is best for them.

from Mail Online

House panel asks prosecutor to probe deleted Clinton emails

Republican Donald Trump continues to make hay out of 'Crooked Hillary's' email scandal ¿ and efforts by the House GOP will help keep it in the news

from The Huffington Post

Scathing Dallas Morning News Editorial Slams Donald Trump

Scathing Dallas Morning News Editorial Slams Donald Trump. The GOP nominee "is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote."

from The Telegraph

Trump campaign slams Hillary Clinton's claim that half his supporters are 'basket of deplorables'

GOP Moron BIGOT Trump campaign slams Hillary Clinton's claim that half his supporters are 'basket of deplorables'...might even be more than half. The alt right is yuuuge!


During my writing this election, warned Dems & voters afraid of Donald Trump that Bernie Sanders was the only way to defeat the GOP nominee. My advocacy for Bernie in over 200 articles in The Hill, Salon, and The Huffington Post w...

from Mail Online

Donald Trump denies his father was arrested after 1927 KKK brawl

Bad news: Donald Trump's father Fred (above in 1990) was arrested in 1927 following a fight between police and members of the Ku Klux Klan in new York City News Donald Trump hits back as he faces claims his father was arrested when anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klansmen attacked police in New York in 1927 and says: 'It never happened'

from indy100

George W Bush's first words after 9/11 are straight out of the Onion

George W Bush’s full reaction to the 9/11 attacks has been revealed for the first time and it's almost straight out of an actual *Onion* article from 2001.

from BuzzFeed

Colin Powell Called Benghazi A "Stupid Witch Hunt" — And Condi Rice Agreed

Powell said about the fatal attack on the diplomatic compound in 2012, "basic…