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Gop meaning

#Quotes by The #Dalai #Lama - Love and compassion comes from the Heart. To show your Heart, you got to first be in your Heart. - from

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pronunciation | ka-kis-‘to-kra-sE #kakistocracy, english, origin: greek, noun, i don't like political words, not going to post very many, politics, government, republican, democrat, democrats, republicans, congress, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, K,

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Republicans planning stealth attack on Social Security, Democrats fear

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At first I was like, amen. And then I was like wait that means Obama isn't real and I got real cornfused

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Feminist = the equality and full humanity of women and men and I am one...part of my personal mojo..working!

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You know what this means? Now we have to stop calling GOP/TPers rats. LSDubois

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