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Where does all the best comedy come from? Death and war

Andrew Martin: Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes and the rest all experienced war. That made their comedy different to today's

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The Goon Show: Spike Milligan (1918-2002), Peter Sellers (1925-1980), and Harry Secombe (1921-2001) with their St David's Day leeks.

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A poisoned legacy: Why Spike Milligan's family will be deprived of their birthright

Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe, members of the comedy group The Goons. The Goon Show was a British radio comedy series on the BBC from 1951-1969. One of my fav shows ever!

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Will never get too old for the Goonies! Lived next door to the writer of Goonies,in Big Bear (Sugarloaf),Ca. Very nice man ! ~Kelli~

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Goonies!! Can't wait Sun nite 4/28..I get to see it on the big screen with my goonie n little people!!

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The Goons Harry Seacombe, Peter Sellars & Spike Milligan ( later joined by Michael Bentine)

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