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Hahah this is great but I'm also repinning it because there's a potato at the bottom of it and I cannot figure out why


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Nice try, German…

I know I have pinned this before, but it is just too hilarious for one pin

from Green Design Gallery

Kross stool | side table

Introducing the Kross Stool | Side Table by the German based brand Lesmo (Less-is-More) - under which they develop 3D tangible objects out of 2D flat materials. Made of simple and straight pieces of recycled plywood, the Kross Side Stool has a comfortable and relaxed design.  The items are produced by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine; which is used to cut shapes with a spinning blade from wooden, but also plastic and metal, panels. CNC mills translate a 2D or 3D computer drawing in a cut shape or engraving. They were developed from the 70s for mass manufacture, but have become common also for small, more sustainable scale production, thanks to the spreading of computer use in design. Avoiding the need to produce prototypes, this new process is known for being eco-friendly, in that it's also energy efficient and it reduces waste during production.  Lesmo believes that less can be more, and better. By applying a design process that values functional and aesthetic simplicity, they develop contemporary products, of easy reproduction and free download. By using the idea of open source furniture, the products are developed to be downloaded, manufactured, and assembled easily. Design Type: 3D Modeling | CNC production | Open source design (see link below) Year: 2016  Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials | Locally sourced materials | Sustainable production techniques (energy efficiency + low waste production) Materials: Plywood | Bolts Color: Natural wood Dimensions: 41 cm H x 41 cm L x 40 cm Weight: 3.5 kg Delivery time: 2-3 weeks Origin: Germany Technical information: Ships flat-packed and disassembled. Designed to easily assemble - disassemble - reassemble.  Comments: Since this product is made from natural materials, it may vary slightly in texture and color from the picture shown. Flat-packed in a solid cardboard box. Shipped by DHL or Hermes. Downloadable Plans: FREE INTERNATIONAL GREEN SHIPPING WITH EVERY ORDER


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