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❧ Mesh reinforced concrete footing over rubble trench. This site details how to make a cob home.

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Jean-Baptiste Belley, also known as Mars, was a former slave from Saint-Domingue who became one of the first Black men to hold elective office in France. Born in the West African island of Goreé, part of present-day Senegal, Belley was sold into slavery as a toddler, eventually arriving in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti) on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, he became educated and was able to purchase his freedom as an adult.

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jean-michel basquiat artwork | Portrait Of Basquiat In Armani Suit’ Acrylic on extremely ...

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These are simple to make and looked really effective for Messy Church...if you wanted it really messy - instead of stick on jewels, you could cover both sides of the stick in PVA glue and press them into glitter...

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Cool Halloween makeup idea: Voodoo Priestess! This is a cool twist on the classic sugar skull make up IMO!

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