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I'm done being ignored by you. Idk what I did wrong but if you don't wanna be my friend anymore I'd much rather you tell me instead of ignoring me. After everything I've done for you and you just push me away like nothing even happened is pretty sad. If you'd rather be considered "popular" then fine... stop coming to me when YOU need something if you can't even answer me when I say hi. I'm done trying to be your friend


A message to my friend Alice. She was a big part of my family. Sadly missed each and every day.

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12 Types Of Friends You Should've Broken Up With, Like, YESTERDAY

12 Types Of Friends You Should've Broken Up With, Like, YESTERDAY (Click to visit for more friendship quotes!)


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hate liars poem - doesn't have be bout guys can b bout friends u thought was ur real friend & found out they aren't!!

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40 Lovely Friendship Quotes for Only The Best of Friends

Share Tweet Pin Mail Your partner in crime. Your shoulder to cry on. Your celebratory companion. Your best friend. A unique collection of friendship quotes ...

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There's Evidence A Shocking Death Is Coming On 'The Walking Dead'

Yeah, William Riggs, Chandler’s father, included “#freedom” at the end of the message. reports a since deleted Facebook message from Riggs’ dad was even longer and “sounds a lot like a goodbye.”  7 year contract completed! Grateful to AMC, Cast & Crew, TWD fan base, and especially Chandler for always being 100% dedicated. Whether is was getting up at 4 AM, working in the freezing cold past 2 AM, leaving his friends and carefree kiddom behind, scrambling to make up missed…