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Learning how to create a good story has much to do with your ability to communicate a message to the public effectively, and showcases your presentation and problem solving skills. As you can imagine, narrating is an important component of success,

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Writespiration #10

You're the good one, and they send you to a territory full of evil twins. You become corrupted and learn to stand up for yourself, then convince the officers to switch your camp, but you've already become one of them.

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Nestpirations: We're Going On a Bear Hunt

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gives you a name, personality profile, psych disorder, and potential careers. story starter idea

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Creative writing activity, story opening This is perfect. Might even use it myself!

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Laura Lee: How to Hook a Reader

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Won’t wake up.

writing prompt

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I scoff and look with distaste at the heaps of dead guards in front of me. Next…

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Writespiration #49 I should have read the contract

I advise you to stay far away from the 'Black Butler' plot as this has a lot of potential for different stories. :)

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Solving a Mystery (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This 2-page #writing worksheet helps you brainstorm clues & solve a mystery.

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