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The Good Samaritan Helping Hands craft (Trace hands, decorate with chores kids can help with, hole-punch and connect with yarn!)

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The Good Samaritan Watched this with the kids K-G5 in the summer when we had extra time one day. It's a story we've taught a thousand times but for some reason they really got it this time. I think the lack of dialogue let them do their own running commentaries. Some really good discussion went on without any real direction. I was impressed!

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Kindness Caterpillar: Good Samaritan Craft. Found here with more ideas:

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The Good Samaritan puppets to use for the lesson: Love With Actions, Not Just Words. Fun craft for the bible story The Good Samaritan.

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What would it mean if we were to help rather than flee as a first instinct, not just for our friends but for those we fear too.

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The Good Samaritan Objectives: The students will be able to -retell the parable of the Good Samaritan - explain the message of the ...

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