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Good Names For Groups

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Raven - A school of fish, a pod of whales, a herd of cattle, and a murder of crows – groups of animals have names specific to them. Groups of ravens can have various names depending on what they are doing at the time: a constable of ravens –ravens standing guard over something; a conspiracy of ravens - if they are lurking in the shadows, apparently up to no good; a terror of ravens or an unkindness of ravens – when dive-bombing or harassing prey or predator.


Nursery Puddings, Slow Sunday and Old Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding

Nursery Puddings, Slow Sunday  and  Old Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding  Slow Sunday today this week takes me back to the old fashioned nursery puddings of my childhood; sometimes a pudding was the main meal and the “afters” as we called them, was maybe a slice of bread and jam or just bread and butter. In... Read More »


Jayne Austin AUS from Paul Barden's web site, objective reviews of some of Austin's roses. He's in z9


(Open rp, first time so bear with me!) He caught my wrist, so I looked back at him. "Be careful-no man that has gone in there has ever come back alive" he warned. I merely smirked. "Good thing I'm not a man" I answered, pulling away. He rolled his eyes before hugging me. "Good luck" (someone be him, my character's name is Darcy)


Managing guided reading groups. flexible. visual for students (coloured to differentiate but not to "level")


21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

I have chosen this image simply because I think that it represents our Physical Theatre small group piece. The piece is dark as is the picture. There are light moments in the piece and the lamp represents this. There are some cold harsh moments which are represented by the snow.