I don't ship Destiel, but some of these are so painfully accurate, it hurts...

"The Good Goodbye" by Carla Buckley For fans of Jodi Picoult comes an enthralling domestic thriller about the lies we tell, and let ourselves believe, in the name of love. The first thing you should know is that everyone lies. The second thing is that it matters.

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Say goodbye to flat tires for good by swapping your standard wheels for these never flat bicycle tires. Rather than rely on air, these new tires are made from a solid material equivalent to 100 psi while providing incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance.

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The flip side of true love. Sadly, one day will likely come when one of you has only memories of your love. Remember to rejoice for the good times and that person you lost would want you to move on and still have happy times without them.

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The Good Goodbye

Check out our tips on ridding your precious leather possessions of pesky mould and mildew with the help of Pickstones leather care. Say goodbye to mould spores once and for all!

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