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FAYZ Battles

Some of the GONE series characters. Edilio and Breeze are my favorites! (Breeze is Brianna) this is exactly how I pictured them!

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Gone Series...! Another great book series. Thinking about reading all of the books again because it is so good. A must read!

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Is there anyone out there in the Gone Series fandom? This has happened so many times. Mokingjay and allegiant are soo full of dead people I want to cry

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John and Mary - The Six Thatchers

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1. Duck's 2. Plague 3. Caine (any day!!) 4. Diana (i am frickin' Diana) 5. Caine/Hunter 6. Lake 7. Levitation of Objects, tho apparently i have Diana's reading people one 8.Hell yh - I already have!

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