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Golden Milk: Why You Need to Drink This Wonder Beverage Every Night Before Bed

Drink Golden Milk every night before you go to bed to really see the health benefits. Make it in advance on a few hours before you plan to go to bed.

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How to Make Golden Turmeric Milk the Right Way?

Golden Turmeric Milk or Haldi Doodh is a powerful Ayurvedic Indian drink with medicinal properties. We've been making it for generations and it's so important to make it the right way! It's a great immunity booster when suffering from cold, cough, sore throat, headaches, joint aches etc. It's best when made with milk, but you can use any plant based milk to make it vegan.


As this summer is set to be a scorcher, you'll need some super creamy, refreshing vegan ice-cream recipes to help you keep your cool!

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Turmeric Golden Milk

I recently heard about turmeric golden milk and have been making it ever since. I love the taste of it and love the benefits even more. Try this golden milk recipe and let me know if you love it too!

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Turmeric Latte

The latte you can have before bed! Delicious calming Turmeric Latte with anti inflammatory, anti ageing and blood sugar balancing health benefits.


How To Make {& Use} Turmeric Golden Paste: I would not add the coconut oil until I actually make the golden milk and add a touch of honey, but I would add a teaspoon of ginger into the paste for extra zing.

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Turmeric Paste

Turmeric paste recipe - Learn how to make the most out of turmeric. A truly powerful healer, turmeric supports joint function, improves digestion, and has skin enhancing properties. Use turmeric paste to make golden milk, smoothies, teas and more.


Warm Turmeric Cinnamon Milk Spice Mix. I'm giving this as kitchen gifts this year. Comes with printable gift tags.