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Amongst my back log of completed works is this quilt I made for Marco, ordered way back when..........

The Golden Eagle is gold plated with black enamelled background.

from Parade of Novelties Sports

Marquette Golden Eagles - Challenge Coin / 2 Ball Markers

from Grimm Wiki


Steinadler are eagle-like Wesen that are commonly associated with the military and heroics. They are known to be very noble. When dealing with Steinadler, it is practical to go with a gut feeling on where their allegiances lie.


United States of America Eagle | United States Of America Eagle Coins: The American Buffalo Gold Coin


Scythian gold in The Museum of Russian Art


American Eagle Gold Coins | Golden Eagle Coins | American Eagle Coins - Austin Rare Coins & Bullion

Canadian Silver 1 oz Moose 2012 | Golden Eagle Coins

Buying Gold Coins - American Eagle Gold Coin - Gold Eagle Coins - Golden Eagle Coins $1508. 5-14-2013

The symbolism of the Golden Eagle was important in pre-historic motif’s on the Armenian highland. Silver medallion 2nd century BC, Syunik region of Armenia.