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Lovely rose gold fangs !

Image of Gold Fangs - Gold plated, embossed lapel pin

Enameled Victorian mourning ring. This is so beautiful! I love the detail of the inscription inside. All I can say is that if I die, fools had better make some memorial jewelry about me, or I'll haunt them noisily and appear as a clown.


Two gold teeth + red lips I want mine like this


24K Rose Gold Fangs Review. Rose Gold Plated Jewelry - Complete Review, Material Description, Summary - Check 'Em Out Right Now!

from eBay

ChiGrillz Gold Teeth Grillz 2 Cap Removable Grills Solid Gold 2 Med Fangs

#ChiGrillz Gold Teeth #Grillz 2 Cap ❤️Pinterest: Jayde S.