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Gold Fangs

Not all Vampires are of the Vlad Dracul or Bathery or Nosforatu gente. Some don't come with fangs, they have to cut victims or make their own.


Enameled Victorian mourning ring. This is so beautiful! I love the detail of the inscription inside. All I can say is that if I die, fools had better make some memorial jewelry about me, or I'll haunt them noisily and appear as a clown.

from eBay

ChiGrillz Gold Teeth Grillz 2 Cap Removable Grills Solid Gold 2 Med Fangs

An Antique Enamel and Gold Serpent Pendant Of mythological motif, the Hydra designed as a nine-headed snake with openwork tubular bodies containing either green cord or brown braided hair, each head with simulated ruby eyes, fanged mouths embellished by pink enamel details, in 18k gold, late 19th century