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Mystery of 1933 penny: Britain's rarest coin valued at £80,000 offered on eBay then suddenly withdrawn

The Happy Coin of Cos Cob, Greenwich, COnnecticut strives to keeps its clients as happy as possible with their purchases by providing the best procucts at the best price online of local,.

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English gold penny of King Henry III - only around 8 exist and these are worth over $ 100,000 each.

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Gold Angel of King Henry VIII (1509-1547) First Coinage (1509-26) 5.11g (S.2265, N.1760). Obv. Mint Mark - castle with pellet left. rev. castle with saltire right.

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When you are buying gold coins these are the things to look for: Type of coin - Eagle, Sovereign etc. Size of coin - These can vary also. Sometimes measured in value and sometimes in weight. Face Value - 1 dollar or five dollar or even 10 dollar (for US or Canadian coins) for example. Weight - Usually measured in troy ounces or part of an oz but grams have also become a popular weight measurement recently. Fineness - (999% fine) Amount of gold compared to other metals such as silver.

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The Crondall Hoard remains the most important evidence for the start of English coinage. The hoard was buried sometime before AD 650 and includes the earliest Anglo-Saxon coins. This was the first coinage produced in Britain after the departure of the Romans two centuries before. The new coins were modelled on those from France, but also looked back to Rome for inspiration. The hoard contained over 100 pieces. Some scholars have suggested that its value might have been 100 gold shillings…

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The Gold Ryal, also known as the Rose Noble, was an English gold coin first issued in 1464, during the "first reign" of Edward IV (1461-1470). From the 1430s onwards, the price of gold had been rising, with the result that the gold noble, which had been in use since 1344, was worth more on the continent than in England. The nobles were exported en masse to the continent for profit, resulting in a shortage of the coins. F.S.Lewis

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600,000 coins from sunken galleon being flown to Spain after five-year legal fight with U.S. treasure hunters for $500m trove

Sovereign claim: These are among nearly 600,000 coins recovered from a sunken Spanish galleon which are due to be returned to Spain today after a long legal fight

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Irish Coin Values | coins of ireland please look at our original chard coins website

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That'll cost a pretty penny: Biggest coin ever made with legal value of £1,000 made of 1kg of solid gold set to sell for £65,000

That'll cost a pretty penny: Biggest coin ever made with legal value of £1,000…

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