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God's Not Dead - David A.R. White as (Pastor Dave) in God's Not Dead the movie in theaters March 21, 2014 - Pure Flix - Christian Movies


This is one of silliest & totally illogical proposals by ' godists'- How is it possible ( or neccessary ) to " disprove" the existence of anything for which there is absolutely no evidence of it's existence ? !


I would rather stand by God and be Jude's by the world. Than stand by the world and judges by God! I watched this movie yesterday, and this quote just struck me hard! I hope that when a hard time comes that I will be able to be like Grace Wesly and stand with God and not the world!


God's Not Dead - Now playing in theaters - Pure Flix - Christian Movies - #PureFlix #Sin #ChristianMovies


Gods not dead- such a good movie, very inspirational and could and swear a lot of answers for atheists! And plus God does want to to defend him.