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There is NO "viking law". "Viking" is what some Nordic people did, not who they were. Such things as the 9 Noble Virtues and Viking Laws, whilst seemingly worthy, shouldn't be attributed to our ancestors. If you want to know what morality, values and laws they did live by, read history, archaeology. It's a great deal more accurate. ;) And yup, I AM heathen.


Diancecht was the Irish god of Healing and Medicine in Celtic culture during the Bronze age in Ireland. Diancecht was the son of Dagda, "the good god of the Irish Celts", and was the physician to the Tuatha De Danaan, the ruling clan of gods. His son, Miach, was also a healer but preferred to use incantations and herbs when healing which was at odds with his father's surgical methods.


Originating in Hungary, the Racka has existed since at least the 1800, when the first registry was established. It is a hardy, multi-purpose breed. Their wool is long and coarse - rams 132 lb (60 kg). The breed's unique appearance + quiet disposition would make it a desirable animal for hobby situations.