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Blastolene B-702. These are the same guys that built Jay Leno’s Blastolene Special. This custom hot rod is 200 feet long [±6m] and nearly 9 feet wide [±2.7]. It is powered by 700 cubic V12 GMC truck heart back from 60s mated to a Allison 4-speed gearbox. You can’t say it has very unique design having in mind custom Streamliner or Auburn cars, but it is seriously respectful peace of art. @designerwallace

1975: Vauxhall Cavalier MK1. My dad had one of these. I can remember my parents banging on about how it took '4 star' petrol!

Gm Futurliner 1940 only a couple exist. 1 was sold at auction a few years back for well into 6 figures, and another was used in the movie Mystery Men