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Mediterranean Hummus Tart (Vegan)

Notes: Roast pepper/garlic (and tomato but later). Caramelise onion/courgette in butter, then balsamic and demerara (cooks down a lot). Blind bake puff (spike holes), then spread on hummus and bake a few more minutes. Put all veggies on top.

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Sun-dried tomato, parmesan & rosemary palmiers

sun-dried tomato, parmesan & rosemary palmiers. Get rid of those sad dishes of crisps & nuts & serve these little puff pastry nibbles to your guests instead!

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Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings

The perfect vehicle for gravy and roasted goodies: the Yorkshire pudding - this version is gluten-free but never fear, you still get that characteristic puff and golden colour

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Chicken curry puffs

Chicken curry puffs recipe. Based on a well-loved Thai recipe, these are like extremely flaky samosas. You could make your own puff pastry but for those in a rush look for a good, all-butter brand.

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Pastry squares with goat's cheese, pesto and tomato

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25 Awesome Puff Pastry Recipes for Vegans

25 Awesome Puff Pastry Recipes for Vegans. From pies and pizzas to sausage rolls, pasties and not forgetting dessert. Comfort food at it's best. Go on treat yourself with these easy recipes that are great for those on vegetarian, vegan and dairy free diets.

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Cooking with Kids: Simple Cheese Puff Recipe

These simple to bake cheese puffs are great as snacks or lunch box treats. Simple enough for a toddler to make too!

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Gruyère and courgette tart

This summery courgette tart recipe is packed full of bright colours and cheesy flavours.

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