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Common Mistakes in Bridge Pose

Pin it! Watch out for these common mistakes in Bridge Pose. Wearing: Teeki pants, Wellicious bra. Using: Black mat pro.

Exercises to Enhance the Buttocks! {Glute Activation to Get Rid of Saggy Desk Job Butt} ||

Get Your Best Butt Ever With These Three Easy Moves, Demonstrated by Hannah Bronfman


Build A Booty with Base Body Babes


Position shoulders and upper back on a flat bench and hold barbell across hips just below the bone. Place feet flat on floor hip-width apart and lower your glutes until they almost touch the floor. Press your hips straight up, pausing at the top before slowly lowering to the start and repeating right away. Tip: Drive through your heels to make this glute-intensive. You can also change the position of your feet — closer, farther, toes straight, toes out — to change the emphasis on the glutes.


8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Bridges Every Day

Recently at my physical therapy appointment my doctor gave me some new exercises and also gave me some progressions for exercises I was already doing to heal my back. My goal with PT was to fix my …


20 glute bridge variations including the basic glute bridge, the weighted glute bridge, hip thrusters, camel, thoracic bridge, posterior plank, table top bridge, single leg glute bridge, suspension trainer glute bridge, mini band bridge...all great moves to strengthen and tone your glutes and alleviate low back, hip and knee pain!