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Gloriosa Lily Flower Ideas

Fantastic orange and yellow Gloriosa - a member of the Lily family - comes from East Africa. Full name - Gloriosa superba ‘Rothschildiana’

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Flame-Lilly "gloriosa superba" . The national flower of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). (no attribution - apologies to the photographer...)

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'Glory Lily' Gloriosa Bulb - A very unique flower that is capable of climbing 48-72" on a trellis. Bulb must be lifted in the fall unless you are lucky enough to live in Zones 9-11.

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A floral necklace is a unique and contemporary way to wear flowers. A simple or statement fresh or artificial flower necklace is a great way to accent a strapless or off-shoulder bridal / wedding gown or bridesmaid dress.

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Flower Names For Girls. | Classics Rose, Lily, Daisy, Fern, Iris, Ivy, Myrtle, Flora, Posey, Violet, Delphine, Anthea, Hazel | Mainstream Moderners Jasmine, Magnolia, Poppy, Clover, Lavender, Fleur, Calla, Holly, Dahlia, Juniper, Laurel, Heather, Rowan, Jessamine | Unspoilt beauties Cassia, Betony, Lilac, Gloriosa, Orchid, Diantha, Lotus, Linnea, Azalea, Marigold, Zinnia, Tansy, Rue, and Amaryllis | Hand drawn by Meg at

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