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Go green. View these amazingly designed environmental posters. Create your own. Green Patriot Posters.

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climit change poster. the world melting like an ice cream grabs attention well because you doing really rhink the world is melting like that evening thoughn you are told the world is melting

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CNN - Global Warming as of November 19, 2013 - Greenhouse gases near record 39.6 million tons in 2013...

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This poster is effective because it is showing global warming and how the ice is melting. It implies that there will be no future if we carry on polluting the world. I think this poster is effective because it's realistic and it is smart the way they have carved the word 'future' into ice and let part of melt. I think that the use of Vignetting round the edge of the poster highlights the centre subject well.

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By Raewyn Brandon. The type used is big and suited well to the poster. I also like the use of colour used for some pieces of text to break it up. The graphics are also kept within the same colour scheme.

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