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So about that Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection glitch video

VHS Glitch - Video Clip - Vol. 2

from Etsy

Tachyons+ Opti-Glitch Video Synth: Circuit Bent Analog FX Video Art Photo Film Production

Glitch Video,Fx Video,Glitch Art,Video Art,Analog Fx,Bent Analog,Circuit Bent,Circuit Bending,Tachyons Opti


circuitbentvideo: “ would you like to beta test the new hardware glitch video fx processor from bpmc? join the facebook group for more details. ”


Circuit Bent Toys impro & Glitch video Audio: Circuit-bent toys, mixing desk, octaver. Video: Source video signal taken from the audio chain, then further audio responsive processing in Resolume. Part of my live performance as Schema Musicalis at the Triple Bath Festival, February 7 2014 @ Anamesa Art Space, Athens, Greece.