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Orbit of Gliese 436b around its host star

Artist impression of Gliese 436b | ESA/Hubble

6 Real Planets That Put Science Fiction to Shame

try to pretend you are Han Solo (ladies, Princess Leia). You are in the rebel base on the planet Hoth, and every inch of the entire planet is covered in ice. What you are picturing is close to the actual Gliese 436 b. Except it's so close to its star that it stays at 800 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface. But Gliese The gravity on the planet is so powerful that it compresses all of the water vapor in the atmosphere and pushes it together into a solid, forming an "ice ten."

Artist impression of Gliese 436b

Far away in the Gliese star system is a Neptune-sized planet called Gliese 436 b. This world is covered in ice that burns constantly at 822.2˚ Fahrenheit (439˚ C). The reason why the water doesn’t liquify and then turn into steam is due to the massive gravity of the planet - it exerts so much force on the water that the atoms are bound tightly together as a solid: burning ice.