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"I miss getting my milk off the doorstep, I miss the glass bottles and putting them back on the doorstep for the milkman.. I miss having to shake them to mix the cream back in and I even miss the blue tits (birds) who would do this!"

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Vintage Milk Bottle Love

School Milk in mini bottles in the 60s. The main reason I hated milk as a kid!! It was always warm but they made us drink it anyway.. yuck!

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Milk Bottle Shabby Chic Home Decor Vase - Set of 3 Handmade in Cute Hand Painted Hummingbird Box

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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I ❤80s on

Milk in glass bottles delivered to your door. Loved the blob of thick cream you got on your snap, crackle and pop in the morning when you opened the bottle..

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1960s pop (Cherryade was my favourite. Like most things in the early 60s it was delivered to the house). >>Limeade was my favourite. And how about 'Cream Soda'? Wasn't sure about that one!

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Enjoy the snowy winter wonderland while it lasts: After temperatures plunged to MINUS 18C - get ready for the half term thaw

Winter's gift of a frozen ice cream. Back in the 1970s the winters were cold and it often snowed. I also recall snapping icicles off the bathroom window sill and sucking them like an ice pop too.

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Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Bunny Milk Bottles -- order MOO Round Stickers to complete the look

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Love in a Wiltshire country garden

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